Janice Skiffington is taking a sabbatical from teaching yoga to focus on self-care, time with family and teaching essential oil classes.

About Janice

Janice Skiffington has been practicing Hatha yoga since 1992. She completed her teacher training with the Yoga Studio South in Calgary in 2004.

In the beginning, Janice used yoga as a means to exercise, stretch and relieve stress. As the years went on, she found that her yoga practice affected not only her body, but also how she lived her life. She is  very interested in the healing aspects of yoga, for all levels of our being (body, mind and spirit). She love how yoga grounds us in our bodies and also helps us to connect deeply to our inner world and our intuition. She believes that the development of both inner and outer worlds help us to live happier and fuller lives.
She is also influenced by her Core Connexion facilitator training, which allows individuals to rediscover themselves through their own authentic movement. Janice is veryinterested in helping individuals to connect to their own inner wisdom through yoga, movement and breath awareness.

Janice is  interested in natural living and has been using essential oils to support her  family's health on physical and emotional levels. She enjoys teaching essential oil classes and offering one-on-one wellness consultations.  Feel free to contact her at spirityoga@live.com or 709-237-3689 for more information.


Yoga and Essential Oils . Janice Skiffington . spirityoga@live.com .  709.237.3689 .  St. John's, Newfoundland

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