So excited to be collaborating with Robin Penney to offer Essential Oil + Yoga Workshops at Nova Yoga.

Robin will be teaching the yoga class, and I'll be helping to introduce the essential oils. Love it!

Essential oils have been used for therapeutic and holistic health purposes throughout history to stimulate healing and enhance overall wellness. When incorporated into a yoga and meditation practice, essential oils can elevate awareness and provide a deeper connection through the senses.  Each workshop will include an introduction to use of essential oils, and an explanation of the benefits of specific oils used throughout the class.  dōTERRA oils will be used throughout the practice via diffused aroma, internally by adding to water, and through application to the body.

1. Vision: Align Your Yoga Practice with Your Goals
Saturday, January 24th @2:00pm (90min)

This workshop invites you to explore whether your practice (Sadhana) is in alignment with your vision. Through this all-levels vinyasa practice featuring twists and inversions, one must be truly present with the body and the breath. This workshop incorporates essential oils to open the airways and uplift the mood, giving you a “breather” from life’s challenges. We’ll also use an essential oil to help balance mental forces with the emotional qualities of the heart. Featured oils: juniper berry, lemon, roman chamomile, peppermint, dōTERRA focus blend, lavender.

2. Connection: Cultivate an Open Heart
Saturday, February 21st @2:00pm (90min)

Make a connection to the pure and simple ways of the heart in this all levels vinyasa flow. We’ll use a combination of oils that helps to foster love and trust, and we’ll cultivate an open heart and a quiet mind. A combination of chest and shoulder openers will leave you feeling energized and more spacious from the inside out. Featured oils: ylang ylang, frankincense, dōTERRA massage blend, geranium, dōTERRA grounding blend, orange.

3. Alignment: Balance Body, Mind, and Spirit (Yin/Yang)
Saturday, March 21st @2:00pm (90min)

The selection of the oils in this all-levels workshop and the order in which they are used is designed to move stagnant energy, detoxify the body, calm the mind, and restore equilibrium. An active Yang vinyasa flow will be balanced with the grounding and meditative practice of long-held Yin poses with focus on the breath, sensation, and stillness to bring balance to body, mind, and spirit.  Featured oils: cypress, grapefruit, frankincense, marjoram, dōTERRA soothing blend, dōTERRA grounding blend
Yin Portion of Class Taught by: Cheryl Fenk

Space is limited. All levels of experience are welcome.
Please bring a glass, ceramic, or stainless steel water bottle to the class.

$35 + HST per session or $90 + HST for all 3 sessions.
Nova Yoga, St. John's, NL 

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